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Sketch & Breakfast

Join us at our Sketch & Breakfast community event!


It’s a cozy and relaxed meet-up for artists. Everyone is welcome, so come don't be shy and say hi. We meet every 4-6 weeks at a nice cafe in the city centre of Graz. You can bring drawing supplies, books and sketches. If you don't feel like drawing, that's fine too! It's all about having a good time together.

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Multiple Dates
02 Apr 2022, 10:00 CEST
Sketch, chat and enjoy food with other artists at a cosy cafe in Graz.
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Monthly Art Assignments

Lush Waterfall by Silvia Wipfler.jpg



Prop Design

Weekly milestones. 3 topics to choose from. Community feedback on Discord.



Join us on Discord and work together on monthly art assignments. Every week we have new milestones for you to hit and discuss with fellow artists. These assignments offer you a structured approach to improve your drawing, painting and design skills. Join our Discord below and get started!


Become a part of our community and talk about art, ask for feedback and learn together. 


If you want to discuss excursions, study materials or classes in detail you can join a group to do so. Groups are like forums where you can chat, share images, comment etc. 

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