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Travel GUIDe

Here are some tips for getting to our live events in Graz, Austria. Don't hesitate and contact us if you need more information or extra advice.

Travelling to Graz


Using the Flixbus is probably the cheapest option. They offer free Wi-fi, an entertainment portal, restrooms, power outlets and space for your luggage for a budget. You can easily book online or use the Flixbus App.


From the airport Graz Thalerhof (GRZ) you can reach the city by bus, train or taxi. The bus station is located right in front of the airport and the train station is only a few hundred meters away. Taxis can be found in front of the airport. Quick tip: Sometimes it’s better to fly to Vienna airport and take the Flixbus to Graz


You can book a train ticket to Graz at your point of departure or buy one from the Austrian Federal Railways – ÖBB:
Feel free to contact us for travel recommendations; we will gladly show you how to get to the hotel/venue using public transport.


The city of Graz can be easily reached via the A2 and A9 motorways and there are several P&R options for you to consider. The maximum speed limit is 130km/h for motorways and 50km/h for Graz – unless stated otherwise. You need to buy a toll sticker called "Vignette" when you want to use motorways in Austria:
Feel free to contact us for tips about parking your car.


We highly recommend the „Kaiserapartments“, which are located right at the venue of our workshops.



Our attendees receive a 25% discount, by using the discount code CarbonBlack.


Please book your rooms via the contact form on the website to use this discount code. Even though the website is in German, the staff is very and helpful and will gladly assist you with your reservations.

There’s an underground car park right beneath the apartment complex, which is free for everyone who rents a room there. Furthermore there’s a supermarket and a coffee shop/bakery on the premises, where you get delicious breakfast, snacks, coffee, juices and sweet treats like cakes and muffins. Chances are good that you even find us and our instructors there in the morning, so feel free to join us and hang out.

The connection to the city center is very good and the next bus stop is only 300 meters away. If you look for more mobility, you can also rent an electric car in addition to your apartment.

Bus stop: “Anton-Kleinoscheg-Straße”, line 40

Room sizes

From smaller apartments to penthouse suits, you find  rooms for yourself and up to 4 people.


The apartments have Wifi, a TV, washing machine, coffee brewers, fridge...


Most apartments are located right at the venue. There's also a cafe, a supermarket and a bus stop.

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