Figure Drawing & Anatomy

Will Weston

Learn to draw the human figure from various angles with confidence.

About the event

Time & Location

2022 (the exact date will be announced asap)

Graz, Austria


This workshop teaches a clear, simple and accurate figure construction technique that suits today’s modern educational (and professional) environment where students have a lot more to learn in a short period of time. It is updated from more classical drawing traditions, but is easier to grasp in the beginning and can be more quickly learned. 

The approach also allows students to address figure composition more easily, and assumes students will soon want to draw figures in motion, composed in groups, and as part of a narrative story.

The techniques learned in this workshop can be applied to animation, graphic novels, children’s books, game design, or in character design. The workshop is based on courses Will has developed at ArtCenter (where it is considered an essential class) and in seminars for professionals at the Society of Illustrators in LA, for DreamWorks’ TV and Feature Animation, for the Animation Guild and other organisations in Los Angeles.

Core Principles

This is a structural figure-drawing class that addresses figure drawing as a component part of a larger art ambition. Students will learn an easy to use drawing process that, combined with design issues outlined in class, allows them to draw figures in a way that addresses both the needs of figure drawing and narrative compositional needs as well.

What You'll Learn

Figure proportions, drawing concepts and practices, figure construction techniques, gesture drawing, anatomy for artists, lighting, the components of narrative composition, and figure composition techniques.


18 years of age. Basic drawing experience is recommended, but beginning students will be fine. Will Weston starts at the very beginning with basic proportions and progress from there. Additionally, though the course has an overall agenda, he teaches students individually in class and adjuts his instruction to suit the level of each student.

(Preliminary) Material List
  • A3 Drawing board (optional)

  • White drawing paper A3 (standard life drawing size)

  • 10 Prismacolor Pencils in black OR Black Progresso Pencils (other brands are fine)

  • A pencil sharpener with a catch basin for shavings

  • Charcoal pencils and newsprint are okay, but I’d give the above list a try.

About the Instructor

Will Weston had a long career in illustration before entering the animation field, where he worked for Disney Feature Animation, Disney TV Animation, Warner Bros. Animation, Nickelodeon Animation and Sony Feature Animation. He left the animation field 13 years ago to help develop the very successful Entertainment Arts program at ArtCenter in Pasadena, CA, where he used to teach figure drawing and costumed figure drawing, drawing for composition, composition for film, digital painting and style development for feature animation and games. 

Will currently lectures and teaches professional workshops for DreamWorks Animation and other professional organizations in Los Angeles. His recent public workshops have been in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Copenhagen, and now Graz, Austria for Carbon Black Workshops. To see examples of Will Weston’s teaching methods and a sampling of excellent student work, scroll through @willwestonstudio on Instagram.

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Travel Advice

Graz ist the second largest city of Austria. It is known for its beautiful old town and great local cuisine and is a UNESCO City of Design since 2011. It is home to several large universities and has a rich cultural and literary history.