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Will Weston – Environment & Composition

Will Weston teaches you composition and how to draw environments with depth and complexity.

Will Weston – Environment & Composition
Will Weston – Environment & Composition

Time & Location


Graz, Graz, Austria

About The Event


This intensive on-location drawing workshop addresses two essential issues: 

1) the specific drawing skills needed for composition 

2) picture composition techniques applicable to film, animation, graphic novels, children’s books, games or landscape drawing & painting. 

In brief, Will shows students how to draw a variety of plants objects and architecture and how to place them effectively in compositions. Drawing for composition differs from simply drawing objects. Everything in a composition is drawn with consideration of its place in the overall arrangement, using design concepts demonstrated and practiced in class that serve multiple purposes. Compositional elements (the things you draw) must be clear, easily recognized, organised in groups, provide depth, and direct the eye to focal points. They should describe the environment and ultimately advance the emotion and narrative of the image. This is visual storytelling. If a viewer grasps an idea or feels something, the drawing and composition play a big part in creating the effect. 

The workshop is based on courses Will has developed at ArtCenter (where it’s considered an essential class) and in seminars for professionals at the Society of Illustrators in LA, for DreamWorks TV and Feature Animation, for the Animation Guild and other organisations in Los Angeles.

 Homework & Feedback 

You will work on your assignments together with fellow students. While you are working, Will moves from group to group to give all of you feedback. He will also talk to each of you individually! We make sure that everyone can talk to Will in person, which is why we take no more than 20 students. 

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    Will Weston

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