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Environment & Composition

Will Weston

Learn composition, perspective and how to draw environments with depth and complexity.

few spots left!

About the event

Time & Location

April 28 - May 01, 2022

Graz, Austria:

  • Botanical Garden

  • Eggenberg Palace

  • Schlossberg & Clocktower 

Entry fees: less than 20€

All locations are close to the city center easily reachable with public transport.

Graz Austria by Silvia Wipfler.jpg

Key Info

  • 4-day intensive workshop

  • drawing at the Botanical Garden, Eggenberg Palace, Schlossberg & Uhrturm

  • personal feedback

  • only 20 spots available

  • Entry fees: less than 20€

Drawing Locations

Schloss Eggenberg Planetensaal
Eggenberg Palace
Botanischer Garten Graz 1. Stock.jpg
Schlossberg (c) Graz Tourismus - Zepp Cam.jpg

Student Gallery


This intensive on-location drawing workshop addresses two essential issues:


1) Specific drawing skills needed for drawing landscapes and other environments

2) Picture composition techniques applicable to film, animation, graphic novels, children’s books, games or landscape drawing & painting.


Drawing for composition differs from simply drawing objects. Everything in a composition is drawn with consideration of its place in the overall arrangement. Basically, the same object may be drawn quite differently depending where it is in the picture. Everything must be clear, easily recognized, organised in groups, provide depth, and direct the eye to focal points. 


To address these needs Will shows students multiple ways to draw a variety of plants, rocks, objects and architecture and how to place them effectively in compositions. 


The workshop is based on courses Will developed for professionals at DreamWorks’ TV and Feature Animation, Blizzard Entertainment, for the Art Directors and Animation Guilds in LA, the Society of Illustrators in LA, and in college classrooms.

Personal Feedback

Every student gets personal feedback from Will. You can show him your drawings and he will talk to you individually and give you tips on how to improve. If you have questions throughout the class, you can ask him any time. If you have specific requests for a demo, he will try his best to incorporate that too. 

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Core Principles

Good drawing is drawing that accomplishes its purpose. In our case, that's drawing things that serve descriptive and compositional needs, allowing us to create effective pictures.